The World Cup of Pokémon 2023 - Qualifying Round 1 [TB @ post #216 / R2 @ post #234]

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Qualifying - Round 2

Belgium has selected China to be their opponents.
Teams that reach 4 wins here will qualify to the top 16 of World Cup of Pokémon 2023.

Belgium (4) vs (1) China
AtraX Madara vs baibaiats
MSnt vs KanzakiHAria
le LLiolae vs Yes or no my dude
Uxilon vs Chaos23333
vs guangguang
Wanony vs lza
Rubyblood vs Separation

United Kingdom (4) vs (2) Brazil
Yelodash vs TDNT
Joeshh vs mncmt
1 True Lycan
vs Eternal Spirit
blittius vs Tamahome
Stareal vs elodin
xavgb vs Lusa
Ahsan-219 vs Luigi

Teams have until Sunday, June 4th, 11:59 PM GMT-7 to complete their games.​
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Sad to have failed my team after all this effort but can only learn and improve from any tournament as usual.

Loved my team and we will come back stronger next year for sure, glad to have promising new people with us who will hopefully get their chance to shine next year

special shot out to njnp , without your help there was no shot we would had made it into tiebreak at all, you're the best man

good luck to all remaining competitors, rooting for Brasil and China
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